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Watch List Triggers

The Watch List Triggers view displays each trigger event and the associated security for a selected watch list.

View Tab

Px watch list triggers 0.png
  • Double click the view tab to maximize the view full screen. Double click it again to restore.
  • Right mouse click on the view tab to open the view popup menu.
  • Click
Px active symbols 0000.png
  • in the view tab to close the Watch List Triggers view.
  • Left mouse click the view tab and hold down the mouse button to move the Watch List Triggers view. Release the mouse button to place it.

View Toolbar

The View Toolbar contains controls and settings specific to the Watch List Triggers view. Mouse hover over a button to see its tooltip.

Table to Spreadsheet button

  • Click
Px active symbols 00.png
  • to export the Watch List Triggers table to a spreadsheet (sorting applied prior to exporting will be preserved in the spreadsheet).

Information Displayed

  1. Ticker – security ticker symbol
  2. Name – security name
  3. Trade System – trading system/model being utilized (e.g. 1.2a daily1.2a weekly3.2a daily3.2a weekly)
  4. Tripped – indicates if the trigger event value has been satisfied (if Yes, trigger event must be reset to catch the next event — done by running the watch list)
  5. Type – indicates the database stat the trigger event is monitoring (e.g. Current PositionER RatioAve WL Ratio, etc.)
  6. Cur. Value – indicates the current value of the database stat
  7. Operator – indicates the operator value being used by the trigger event (e.g. BetweenEqualNot EqualGreater ThanGreater or EqualLess ThanLess or Equal)
  8. Trip Value – indicates the value needed to satisfy the trigger event