Dynamic Direct Indexing

Over the past 20 years of working with investment advisory firms we found the customization and personalization of offerings increase the value of the relationship with the individual client.

Dynamic Direct Indexing gives you the ability to deliver a customized and lower cost strategy to your clients. Breaking you out of the all one size fits all strategy.


Design Your Exposure

We encourage investment firms to brand their strategies, bringing in the unique ideas and philosophies that they’ve learned from their years of experience into their products.

Personal mutual funds differentiate you from other advisory firms as very few actually use individual securities and their practice.

With most advisors utilizing modern portfolio theory and allocation strategies to manage her customer accounts there is very little differentiation between one firm to the next.


Customize your approach

Using innovative technology, PortfolioXpert delivers the most advanced investment management solutions in the industry.

Dynamic and adaptable, PortfolioXpert, automates your custom strategies therefore, implementing your firms unique investment management approach.

Enabling you to manage it efficiently, accurately and reliably – that is what PortfolioXpert is all about. We make complex simple.


Deliver Results

Portfolio expert exhibits a unique ability to deliver a true risk-adjusted return. It’s adaptive modeling process is capable of enhancing and improving returns while reducing systemic risk.

The back testing module allows you to evaluate a model to see how well it navigates through different market environments.

The strategy has been referred to for many years as “Advance and Protect.” This references PortfolioXperts ability to adjust exposure when markets are declining while maintaining well-balanced strategies when markets are advancing. 

The goal of capturing 80% of the upside and missing 40% plus of the downside risk is a formula for substantial success utilized for over 22 years.


Controlling Risk in uncertain times.

See how PortfolioXpert Dynamic Process Perseveres equity in adverse market environments.

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