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Building a New Query

To build a new query:

  1. Click
Px watchlist 0000.png
  1. from the Queries view (screenshot) to open the query wizard. Or click File from the Main Menu Bar and select New Query (screenshot).

Build Your Query wizard page:

  1. Enter a name for the query (screenshot).
  2. Add a query rule:
  3. Click
Px watchlist 00.png
  1. to add a new rule (screenshot).
  2. Apply a Trade System to the rule (screenshot).
  3. Select a rule Parameter (screenshot).
  4. Select a rule Operator (screenshot).
  5. Enter a rule Value (screenshot).
  6. Be sure to use the correct format (e.g. YYYY-MM-DD for dates, 0.15 for 15%) or the rule will not be valid. Refer to the Rules Table below for the correct formats.

To disable a query rule, click the

Px query 000.png

in the Enabled column to change it to

Px query 00.png

(screenshot) or to completely remove a query rule:

  1. Click the Delete column of the rule to be removed to select it (screenshot).
  2. Click
Px watchlist 000.png
  1. to remove the selected rule (screenshot).
  2. Click the Yes button to confirm removal of the selected rule (screenshot).
  1. Select how the rules are used by choosing to only return results that Match All of the Following Rules or to return results that Match Any of the Following Rules (screenshot).
  2. Click the Next button (screenshot).

Limit Symbols to Query wizard page:

  1. Select which securities in the database to search by choosing either Search Entire Database or Limit Search (screenshot). If choosing to limit the search, you will need to:
  2. Enter ticker symbols for securities to include in the search into the entry box separated by spaces or commas — not a combination of BOTH (screenshot). Or copy/paste ticker symbols from a spreadsheet (screenshot).
  3. Click the Add Symbols button (screenshot).
  4. Symbols found in the database will appear in the Limit Search Symbols table. Symbols not found in the database will remain in the entry box (screenshot).
  5. To remove a Limit Search Symbol:
  6. Click the Delete column of the symbol to be removed to select it or click the Select All Symbols button (screenshot).
  7. Click
Px watchlist 000.png
  1. to remove the selected symbol (screenshot).
  2. Click the Yes button to confirm removal of the selected symbol (screenshot).
  3. Click the Finish button to save the query (screenshot).
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