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The Reports view provides the ability to view or save portfolio, watch list, and ticker symbol change reports.


View Tab

Px reports 0.png

  • Double click the view tab to maximize the view full screen. Double click it again to restore.
  • Right mouse click on the view tab to open the view popup menu.
  •  ClickPx active symbols 0000.png 

  • In the view tab to close the Reports view.
  • Left mouse click the view tab and hold down the mouse button to move the Reports view. Release the mouse button to place it.

View Toolbar

The View Toolbar contains controls and settings specific to the Reports view. Mouse hover over a button to see its tooltip.

Open Report With System Viewer

  • Click Px reports 00.png

  • to open a selected report.

Save Report To Disk

  • Click Px reports 000.png

  • to save a selected report.

Delete Reports

  • Click Px portfolio list 0000.png

  • to delete a selected report.

Information Displayed

  1. Name – name of the report
  2. Type – type of report (e.g. Portfolio All Stats, Portfolio Full Excel, Portfolio Orders, Symbol Changes, Watch List Triggers)
  3. Created – date corresponding to when the report was created
  4. Last Run – date corresponding to the last time the report was run

Sample Reports

  1. Full Report (click here to view)
  2. Full XLS Report (click here to download)
  3. Orders Report (click here to view)
  4. Watch List Triggers Report (click here to view)
  5. Ticker Symbol Changes Report (click here to view)