What is PortfolioXpert?

Portfolio Xpert is a dynamic platform, that can model any style of investment strategy. It gives you the ability to automate and scale your practice and deliver seamless value to your clients. 

The inference engine runs 10 million 5 hundred calculations to deliver precise instructions to manage adaptive allocations for current conditions to ensure the best exposure and constituent mix.


Portfolio Designer

The Designer is the centerpiece to build, automate, and scale your practice to meet your firms and your client’s needs.  

With back-testing capabilities, it gives you the ability to validate your concepts and ideas before you implement them.



It is a powerful tool empowering you to view our massive quantitative database of 17,500+ symbols to determine the types of assets that you want to utilize in your strategies. 

Offering complete transparency of every transaction, statistic and other pertinent information to understand the modeling process and its accuracy.


The Power of Data-Mining

The query tool is used to create groups of stocks based on behavior characteristics that you desire to have in your strategies.

Giving you the ability to search in a very complex manner for ideas that normally would be nearly impossible to find.



PortfolioXpert generates detailed PDF and Excel files which present rich visualizations of market and portfolio data to clients, peers and stakeholders based on daily-updated real-time data drawn from our platform

These reports allow you to emphasize the most meaningful information with our custom white-labeled Fact sheets with dynamic charts and graphs to demonstrate how you address your client’s needs.

With automated reporting, PortfolioXpert facilitates collaboration making it easy for you to communicate relevant insights to your clients. 



Watchlist is an essential element of the PortfolioXpert software acting as a sandbox for many ideas as well as tracking critical aspects for customers and potential upgrades for your strategies.

You will be notified via email as well as “on-screen”  such as price targets and changes in models.

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