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Inference Engine

PortfolioXpert’s (PX) artificial intelligence application uses a knowledge base of human expertise for the problem solving developed by Robert L Kendall. For the past 22 years, the PX quantitative strategic process has been utilized by advisors on over 275 Billion in AUM.

Mr. Kendall’s over 41 years of quantitative and technical experience gave him the drive and determination to automate a complex software environment. This led him to build a structured investment process giving him the path to building a world-class software platform.

The expert system derives its answers by running the knowledge base through an inference engine, which is software that interacts with the user and processes the results from the rules and data in the knowledge base.

The inference engine completely automates the when to buy and sell, how much to buy or sell, dynamic allocations, systematic rebalancing, and other processes to deliver a complete automated investment process.

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