A New Genre of Finance

The financial world has become complicated and unpredictable. You are faced every day with making timely portfolio management decisions on a growingly complex world. The tools concepts and philosophies that you have relied on have become obsolete and have failed to deliver portfolio performance and have exposed your customers to undue risk by utilizing one-size-fits-all or static passive investing.

An Inside Look at PortfolioXpert

Our software platform simplifies the investment process by allowing advisors to automate investment products delivered to their clients, giving them full transparency and scalability of their businesses.

Why we took the “E” out of PortfolioXpert.

Our software platform delivers performance that no one else can duplicate. It’s capable of managing thousands of securities simultaneously while maintaining portfolio continuity making this the X factor.

One of the key antidotes of the software is the ability for it to mitigate individual stock exposure through a dynamic modeling process that allows risk to be controlled on a stock by stock basis.

The portfolio expert platform gives you complete transparency from a top-down or bottom-up viewpoint in every stock in the database which is over 17,500 symbols.

Changes in the investment landscape have removed costs from trading and have introduced fractional share trading. This allows the unimaginable to be delivered.
The industry has continued to develop thousands of ETFs with the goal of trying to make investing easy which ultimately has had the opposite effect.

Disrupting the Efficient Frontier

The new investment paradigm utilizing fractional shares will be the most efficient way to interact with the markets that there’s ever been.
Our buy and sell signals are only a very small part of the process. PX has a sophisticated allocation model allowing for dynamic acceleration during uptrends while protecting assets and adverse periods of market risk.

Advisor Spotlight

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How To Create Alpha Without Leverage

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Let’s Talk: Dynamic Direct Indexing

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