February 5, 2020

A New Genre of Finance

The financial world has become complicated and unpredictable. You are faced every day with making timely portfolio management decisions on a growingly complex world. The tools concepts and philosophies that you have relied on have become obsolete and have failed to deliver portfolio performance and have exposed your customers to undue risk by utilizing one-size-fits-all or static passive investing.

The traditional investment models cannot keep up with the volatility and risk that the markets of the 21st-century offer.



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It is becoming more evident that you need a much more sophisticated way to deal with market volatility and dynamic change, and that is where PortfolioXpert can help.

Our portfolio management platform acts as a dynamic investment manager. It deals with tens of thousands of data points and reconciles them into a decision process that has been tested in the trenches for over 20 Years and is proven to add true alpha while controlling downside risk.

As we move into a new era of investing with no transaction cost and fractional shares, it will open up the investment spectrum to modern and sophisticated strategies that previously were available only to institutional and high net worth investors.

With PortfolioXpert’s seamless and automated integration with multiple custodians for order entry, it has become simple to execute very sophisticated and dynamic strategies.
No matter how complex the strategy, whether it’s a Direct Index or Dynamic Direct Index, the process will deliver a cost-free process to participate during uptrends while protecting assets when adverse market conditions exist.

The automation will give you the advantage of being able to offer individual securities getting away from the commoditization of the advisory industry.
PortfolioXpert acts as a central management system for all of your financial products that you deliver to your customers.
Whether it be an allocation strategy with rebalancing, tactical strategy, or a dynamic process, it is fully automated through our platform allowing you to scale and grow your practice.

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PortfolioXpert is a sophisticated platform in which you can develop, test, and validate strategies before they are implemented into your practice.

Many prebuilt strategies include dynamic indexes, custom ETF’s as well as motif models that you can blend and match to meet your client’s tolerances.

You will be able to instantly analyze and view portfolio data through a combination of on-screen and PDF reports that are generated daily and monthly. These reports will empower you to present to your investment team as well to your clients to deliver full transparency and proof of concept.

You will immediately be able to assess your risk exposure helping you to make informed decisions to move clients toward their financial goals.
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The PortfolioXpert platform can be tailored to the needs of your firm as well as your clients. We empower advisors to spend more time on what matters most…
Investing, building relationships, and growing their business. 


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