AI Driven

A dynamic investment methodology driven by artificial intelligence brings in the critical element of discipline to the portfolio management process.

While having an experienced team of investment professionals“sanity checking” the modeling outcomes is critical, the amount of value that a human portfolio manager intervention in a long-term AI-driven investment strategy is, from our experience, is likely to cause a negative outcome vs the Model.



A differentiated approach with its ability to balance equity risk exposure in a dynamic environment.

Each position in the portfolio is managed on its own performance as entry and exit signal are issued based upon the level of risk or volatility it offers.


Control your alpha. Empower your clients.

Our mission is to provide fee-based money managers with a completely automated portfolio process capable of achieving both the managers and their clients financial goals this can be accomplished only through utilization of the adaptive quantitative strategy

PortfolioXpert differs markedly from other systematic approaches currently used in the industry. The modeling process is attached to each individual symbol within a given portfolio.


Fractional Shares

Our Platform applies scientific rigor and in-depth analytics to measure and manage risk with a sharp focus on upside capture while providing downside protection

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