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The Community license lets you run your apps with OpenFin OS for free, including for commercial purposes.

Also check out Hadouken, our open-source project.

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OpenFin offers a comprehensive enterprise package that upgrades your financial desktop at scale.

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OpenFin Community

Native Experience

Build web apps that look and feellike native desktop apps. Popups,tear-outs, notifications and more.

Inter-application Messaging

Connect your apps and automate Workflows. Share context between OpenFin apps and native apps.

Secure Sandboxing

Apps run sandboxed and process isolated with no unauthorized access to the desktop operating system.

Advanced Security Features

Protect your application from the most common Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities with comprehensive domain whitelisting.


Our technology has been approved by major banks and buy-side, enabling auto-updates of runtime versions.

OpenFin Community

Everything from Community and more

The Enterprise Edition is designed for mission critical production applications where minutes and hours matter.

24/7 Support

Our team of expert Chromium and JSengineers provide 24/7 support with anenterprise service level agreement.


Manage workspaces with snap-and-dock, window tabbing, and save-and-restore functionality.

Crash Reporting and Log Management

If your app should run into problems, OpenFin provides a full suite of logging and reporting tools for enterprise use.

Windows Group Policy

IT security teams within a firm cancontrol access to all security sensitivefeatures like accessing the clipboard.

Security Realms

Security realms let you isolate your apps to their own runtime with dedicated browser cache, configuration, and message bus.

Third-party Plugins

Accelerate your app development withOpenFin plug-ins for Excel, Bloomberg and Eikon.

Managed Upgrades

Control the runtime upgrade processfor your apps.  Jump to the latest alphaversion or skip a release.  Your call.

Embedded Controls

Embed web content into native apps using our native language adapters for .NET and Java.

Negotiated Terms

Customize your OpenFin licenseagreement to include IP indemnityand other enterprise protections.

Enterprise Runtime Hosting

Host approved runtime versions onyour own infrastructure and overrideversions deployed by vendors.

On-Prem License Management

Report on your OpenFin usage withan on-premises solution that solvesenterprise data privacy concerns.